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Dienstag, 30. September 2014

Bio-Stumpen mit Bienenwachsüberzug 60x70 Bewertung: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Autor: Kundenbewertung
Rezension: "incomplete order" they listed my stuff with the sutats, awaiting payment and then next to it the remark stated "cancel." I made my payment through paypal and knowing that I have money in my credit card, why have I not recieve anything either from g-market or paypal stating that they have received my payment. Do they usually put the remark as "cancel" while they are waiting for the payment. I'm very nervous here because I really like the stuff at G-market, so if you can help me, that would be great. [url=]vhpfgc[/url] [link=]rhhkzzc[/link]

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